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The European Lung Foundation and the European Respiratory Society Frailty Task Force want to understand your experience of living with frailty and a chronic lung disease.

Frailty is a state of vulnerability where people become more affected than expected after small declines in their health, for example, after a mild infection. Having frailty may also make it harder to recover or ‘bounce back’ afterwards. People with frailty may walk at a slower speed or experience more difficulty completing day-to-day tasks than people without frailty. Frailty is more common in people with multiple health problems and those of older age.

If you or someone you care for has been affected by bronchiectasis and frailty, they would really like to hear from you.

You will find a link to the survey at - the survey is available in English, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian and Croatian.

By providing your insights, you will help identify ways to improve awareness and management of frailty in respiratory healthcare, and help shape future research to overcome challenges associated with these issues.

All survey responses will remain confidential (not shared with anyone outside the research team), and you will not be required to provide personal details (unless you wish to leave an email address for future contact). The survey is expected to take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Thank you.