Read the latest travel recommendations for people with bronchiectasis

A bronchiectasis diagnosis does not mean you have to give up travel, whether on holiday or for business. You just have to think ahead, talk to your doctor and plan it together.

In response to people with bronchiectasis frequently requesting specialist advice to prepare for travelling, in collaboration with EMBARC we decided to produce some travel recommendations. This was done by members of our Bronchiectasis Patient Advisory Group (PAG) formulating questions regarding different aspects of travelling which helped to design a questionnaire. This was circulated among a panel of bronchiectasis experts. Where 80% or more of experts agreed on a response, a recommendation was made.

The travel recommendations have been published in ERJ Open Research and a summary version has been added to this website on the 'Self-management' information page (scroll down to the 'Travelling with bronchiectasis' section -

We hope this guidance is helpful and do let us have your feedback.