2023 Conference

Session 1: Overview of bronchiectasis

Duration: 59:05

Session 2: Airway clearance techniques

Duration: 0:58

Session 3: Latest bronchiectasis research

Duration: 1:05

Session 4: Bronchiectasis through the life stages

Duration: 1:40

2022 Conference

You can view the programme and watch speaker recordings from the conference below.

Session 1: Basics of Bronchiectasis


Session 2: Self-management of bronchiectasis

Duration: 1:38:50

Session 3: Diving deeper

Duration: 55:39

Session 4: New treatments

Duration: 49:14

2021 conference

View the recordings of talks from our 2021 Patient Conference below:

Session 1: Basics of bronchiectasis

Duration: 1:09:14

Session 2: Treatment and self-management

Duration: 1:43:28

Session 3: Latest research

Duration: 55:56

Session 4: Care during COVID-19

Duration: 1:11:23


Thanks to our partners who have helped to plan these patient conferences. With special thanks to members of the ELF bronchiectasis patient advisory group and members of EMBARC.